2017-12-06 Samaroli Glenallachie 8yo Single Malt

Nose: Apple, a touch of caramel, a bit of vanilla,  a bit of woody oak,  maybe a slight touch of citrus, as soon as you smell this, it really feels like Speyside,

Colour: very clear, just a touch of a golden tone

Palate: Caramel, almonds, vanilla, sweet apple, woody finish with a touch of pepper

This is another really nice whisky. At 43.0% abv, I am tempted to not add the spoonful of water. But - to support the same method for all - here comes the water:

Nose:  Much the same, a bit more fruit, glad I added the water - this opened it up

Palate: Interesting - much sweeter, apple, more vanilla, still some caranel, a tart bit of pepper with the finishing wood.

If I was to drink this again, I am not sure I would add the water.

However, as I keep sipping on this as I write the review, the complexity of this grows on me - and it is only 8 years old. This whisky it seems to me has nothing but upside. I am not sure - maybe the splash of water was just the right thing to do

This makes the top 3 - but yesterday's Islay was better - so 5 - then 6 - then 4 are the best - with 2, 3, 1 well back.

Glenallachie distillery
The Singlemalting review


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